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LED Module with water-proof

Instead of 1206 resistor, the lowest cost Constant Current IC

The linear constant current regulator is a simple, economical and robust device designed to provide a cost effective solution for regulating current in LEDs (similar to Constant Current Diode, CCD)

The constant current regulator is based on special technology and regulates current over a wide voltage range. It is designed with a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltages and currents.
The constant current regulator turns on immediately  with only 0.7 V Vak. It requires no external components allowing it to be designed as a high or low side regulator. The high anode-cathode voltage and >8KV ESD protect rating withstands surges common in Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Signage applications. The constant current regulator comes in thermally robust packages and it can design as a 1206 Resistor.
It has 5ma,10ma,15ma,20ma,25ma,30ma,35ma,40ma,45ma,50ma,55ma,60ma 
Series center current value available for selection

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    Our company has been developing and designing constant current IC products that are essential for the LED lighting industry. We have mature application solutions for light strips and modules, and continuously explore various LED lighting peripheral electronic components and LED application finished products

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