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High voltage module, lamp bar constant current IC

CN6510 is a special current regulator to drive HV LED. Few external components design is very flexible in many compact size applications. The simple driving topology will improve power factor, efficiency. EMI issue will be avoided with this linear control.CN6510 supports maximum 500V input voltage that ensures the high reliability for HV LED lighting. LEDs will never face high voltage problem.CN6510 also provides temperature attenuation function. When internal junction temperature is higher than 130℃, CN6510 will decrease the output current linearly. This protection method effectively avoids the flicker problem during abnormal environment temperature.

·7.5V~500V Operating Voltage
·5~100mA Programmable Output Current
·±5% Current Accuracy
·Parallel Using for High Current Application
·Few External Components
·Temperature Attenuation
·SOT89-3 ESOP-8 TO-252 Package

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    Our company has been developing and designing constant current IC products that are essential for the LED lighting industry. We have mature application solutions for light strips and modules, and continuously explore various LED lighting peripheral electronic components and LED application finished products

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